1. Anniversary Tales


    For the 250th anniversary of REVOL, celebrated on 22 June 2018, we called on a child of the firm and the person who embodies the company today, Olivier PASSOT, the President and C.E.O.

    “Birthday parties are generally a chance to tell the story of the person whose birthday it is. You look back over their lives, evoking important events, including a few funny or spicy stories… But what do you do when it’s a 250th birthday?

  2. COMING SOON… September 7th

    The new REVOL creation unveils the simple beauty of centuries-old skills. Like a calligraph, the designer has signed a reference collection for Revol’s 250th anniversary: from the creation of the clay to the modeller’s hand via the enamel work, the unique pieces in the range describe a creative circle that takes its purpose from the love of materials and is constantly renewed. The dinner service is available in a range of natural colours, and leaves the raw clay visible with irregular outlines, like the rugged elements of the container dishes, paying homage to the imperfect and authentic power of a land that inspires respect.

    Its creator and the autumn collection to be revealed - September 2018. In Paris - Maison&Objet. Hall 1 stand n°E20 and on the social networks.

  3. The Tree

    The place where live forces and complementary talents collide, all firms maintain a fragile balancing act. The longevity of Revol may be exceptional but it’s the result not of a miracle but of continual building work – that of passionate daily commitment and productivity on the solid foundations of shared memories. The result is an extraordinary firm. To celebrate its 250th birthday, Revol asked artist Mathias Souverbie to express this experience through means of an eloquent sculpture.

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  4. Solstice: the mark of artisans

    An homage to the earth, the Solstice collection highlights the cherished roughness and raw sensuality of materials worked by hand. The result of an experimental approach by artisans that is subsequently duplicated in the factory, the collection is a testament to a creative process dear to Revol.
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